Friday, June 15, 2012

Where's the map?

Okay, so I've spent the past three days researching the 'Road to Self-publication'. I've googled, stalked self-pubber's blogs, talked to self-pubber's and emailed publication companies. Holy cow is there alot out there! Createspace, Smashwords, BookBaby, Lulu...there are so many options for those (like me) who aren't quite ready to go it alone and are willing to cough up a few dollars for the help. There are also many, many self-help for self-publishers websites and even a 'Self-publishing for Dummies' book! Wow. And the end result of all of my research is that I'm more indecisive than I was before I started. I need a map that says GO HERE NOW. I'm a great map reader. I really suck at decisions.

In the meantime, I've penned (or I guess I should say typed) a few thousand words on my current work-in-progress and prepared agent submissions for my other, more marketable manuscript. I've also worked two days at my job that FINANCES all of my crazy ideas, spent 8 hours watching over hyper little ballerinas and saucy teenagers at my daughter's evening dance rehearsals, built cross country jumps for my other daughter and her horse and somehow managed to feed, clothe and taxi everyone to where they needed to go. 

I guess you can say I'm a writer now. Who else would live this wacky life? There really should be a map.


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