Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The time has come. It has now been nearly two years. The Dunnes are no longer in the UK. Dunnes in UK is out. This Mom is Overdunne is in. A fresh start, and a platform for posts of a different sort.

At 'This Mom is Overdunne' I'll be posting on the frenetic pace of life in the Dunne household; kids, writing, working, playing, and the military-induced lifestyle of single parenting. I'm attempting to find a publisher for my first novel. I'm running a physiotherapy clinic. And through it all I'm trying to raise three wonderful kids while my hubby is away.

The next year will be a challenge. I love a challenge. I may whine and complain, but I won't give up. I hope you'll join me in the adventures of an overdunne mom.

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